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Wolvering operates a very effective security service. Where there is construction and wealth, there is always crime. Reduce hassles and down time with effective Wolverine methods. We have the best staff in the business and have various forms of security to choose from. All our security units also have fire-fighting capabilities. We operate various security services that produce results and evidence - not more headaches.

In many cases, the thieves do not even know that we were there. However, the next day, our employer and the RCMP receive a Video DVD. Our hidden cameras can be accessed on the internet with our security codes so you can check the sites or work progress from your office in Calgary.

We implement devices which monitor and report:
Site security
Roadblocks & checkpoints (logging roads, lease roads)
Fuel Theft
Employee theft
Scout counter measures
Hidden night vision cameras
false cameras
road monitoring
Wolverine Firepower
We have fake cameras to deter traffic, real cameras in sensitive areas and hidden night vision cameras as well. All transmit data to our hard drive which we can duplicate or be accessed by our employer via our passwords.

Our staff operates low impact units to carry out common reconnaissance on Job sites and pipelines at night if necessary. We use trucks to monitor roads as well. We have staff tht are competent and do not cause grief or lawsuits. We are a visible deterrent for theives and we provide proof of conduct with our surveillance systems.

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