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Wolverine offers potable water delivery to drilling rigs and construction sties. We deliver our water early in the morning and in most cases, with the newspaper of your choice. We operate clean, quality equipment with a reliable delivery schedule.

Many people just get water without realizing the alternatives. Our competition uses recycled exhaust to keep valves from freezing; that is unacceptable. Here is how Wolverine differs from the competition without adding additional cost to your project:

We operate clean enclosed units to eliminate equipment exposure to road, grime and weather. Hose reels are used so hoses aren't dragged through the mud; hose bleed down valves are part of the equipment so you don't have water spillage in front of your shack. We have a large storage supply of Bottled water. We're inspected by the regional Health Authority. Tanks are wiped and cleaned weekly.

Clean water is best for showers - just ask your wives or girlfriends when they visit the rig. We would be happy to provide you with water source locations, a water trailer tour and health inspection data.

There are no hidden costs with Wolverine. bottled water is included for EVERYONE. Consultants to rig crews - everyone deserves a glass of clean water or a butter cup of coffee.

Our trailer is well-stocked with bottles. We also have water dispenser sales and rentals. We are hospital-clean and total professionals. We offer the best service and can back it up.

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