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... because nothing is more expensive than regret
Wolverine operates a quality fire prevention service during the construction of pipelines, seismic lines, reclamation and more. The easiest way to battle fire is to prevent one from starting. High winds and dry grassland can get out of control in seconds. Our service minimizes the risk of fire with our pre-treatment and landscaping program. This allows a comfortable work environment and produces effective results.

In the past, project managers relied on a cumbersome water truck to be on standby in the event of fire. We have found that these untis are not only undermanned and under-equipped; they lack the ability to travel in tough terrain.

Wolverine has taken fire safety to a much higher level. We use one ton trucks to go exactly where a welder can go. However, we have firefighting units for all forms of terrain. Speed, firefighting ability, terrain capability and more are implemented into our units.

The removal of mulched debris with our leaf blowers removes fire fuel before the first weld. Then we pre-treat upcoming work areas with a pressure washer to dampen work area and the range of grinding sparks.

We insist on two units for the simple reason that as pipeline is being constructed, a barrier is being built. It is crucial to have a unit on both sides of the pipe because of wind change and other factors. This way, one unit can go to refill without affecting the welding assembly line.

The technique we use requires a fraction of the volume a water truck will use with considerable less field impact. Wolverine has nodwells, 4x4 tractors, water trucks depending upon the demands of the terrain.
Sleeve shrinking, welding, grinding, equipment failure and human error are some of the main causes of fire.
Each Wolverine Unit has a host of equipment to effectively reduce the risk of a fire. First, we insist on top-notch employees. Good equipment is useless without properly trained, confident employees.
1 Our Stihl leaf blower can produce wind up to 200 kms per hour to blow away mowed material on pipelines near welding areas. Reducing fire fuel creates a tremendous advantage.
2 Use of Honda pressure washers offers the most effective method in dampening stubble and native grass without losing precious water volume into the ground.
3 Wolverine Main Fire Fighter - This low profile unit carries 500 gallons of water with Class A and B foam fire fighting applications. Class A is for wild land fire and Class B for fuel and chemical fire. This unit is held in emergency reserve for a growing fire should one begin.
4 GPS: We believe GPS can drastically help in our emergency response plan. Great for measuring distance to water sources with ETA's. Not only are coordinates accurate, but they also limit fuel use, update wolverine position and minimize travel with no lost time.
5 Radios and cell phones are essential for communication.
6 First Aid Kits
7 Emergency Response plan and contact list
8 Fire Fighting Training
9 In-truck camera for situation analysis
10 Fire extinguishers

All our truck mounted units can be helicopter portable in seconds to assist in hard to reach areas. They're also handy to fill up bambi buckets. All our jobs have water storage trailers as well.

We believe that our services are greatly needed and we can prove our worth. We do not wait for a fire to get out of control before we act; we work hard in the practice of prevention. We take our job seriously and land owners have often commented on our effectiveness.

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